Symphony collaborates with leading innovative biopharmaceutical companies to invest in their strategically important clinical development programs, enabling companies to fully fund robust clinical trials, accelerate the development of their product pipelines and create more value for their shareholders.

We form Symphony Collaborations with companies that have significant internally developed clinical programs or attractive in-licensed or acquired products. Each Symphony Collaboration is a distinct portfolio company in which the capitalization, clinical development design and management resources are tailored to accelerate the development of 2-4 pipeline candidates of a single biopharmaceutical company.

The Symphony Capital team brings more than two decades of strategic, financial, clinical and regulatory experience within the biopharmaceutical industry to our portfolio companies’ pipelines.  Our experience in financing and advising many of the world’s leading biotechnology companies extends back to the earliest days of the industry.  When companies collaborate with Symphony, they are able to retain more of the value in their most important products, maintain substantial flexibility in downstream commercialization options and avoid premature out-licensing that ultimately erodes shareholder value.  In Symphony, biopharmaceutical companies have a trusted, collaborative partner.

When needed, Symphony brings world-class clinical design and management capabilities to our collaborations to enable biopharmaceutical companies to maximize the development opportunity of each pipeline program. Our exclusive alliance with RRD International provides an unparalleled breadth and depth of clinical development and regulatory resources to a biopharmaceutical company’s pipeline. Through their careers at FDA, leading biopharmaceutical companies and CROs, RRD’s executives have decades of industry expertise.  RRD manages and designs global and domestic clinical development programs in collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies with an eye towards regulatory approval.  As needed, they can manage all aspects of biopharmaceutical product development including clinical, preclinical, regulatory/quality systems and manufacturing.  RRD's far-reaching networks of clinical, technical and regulatory experts allow them to have broad expertise across all therapeutic areas and classes of drugs.


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